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We were interviewed by the IoD!


My-Language MD's

Erik Childerhouse and Faye Telling run, an online language learning platform offering 20 different languages to clients around the world. The company has diversified in 2013, by expanding on the range of subjects they teach, from Music Theory to Mathematics, History and more.

What made you join the IoD?

EC: “Joining the IoD was a really important decision for us. The minute we started taking our business seriously, we knew it was the right decision to make. Looking at the membership pack, it ticked all the boxes that we were requiring from a membership organization and that is why we chose it.”

FT: “Initially I joined the IoD because I needed a professional working environment. Meeting with clients and prospects in such an amazing setting, suited my requirements far better than doing it from anywhere else.”

How does being an IoD member make you feel?

EC: “You really feel supported by the services that IoD provides, whether it’s the business advisors that assist you with a broad range of topics, from marketing and contracts, to tax and law issues, or the fact that you’re working in a fabulous environment.”

FT: “On a personal note, as a Managing Director and a woman running her own business, being an IoD member makes me feel far more confident and professional.”

Have you ever recommended an associate to the IoD?

EC: “It’s easy to recommend colleagues or associates to the IoD, simply because of all the benefits that membership has to offer. Because it’s a fabulous place to have meetings, it’s easy to get to, there are so many networking opportunities, access to legal and tax business support, great refreshments and friendly and professional staff.”

Have you attended any IoD events?

EC: “Events are a great way to learn new things and to make new contacts. The last IoD event I attended was a UK Trading and Investments talk focused on exporting opportunities. I found that most businesses present were alike in regards to the issues they were facing and the export potential of their business. Talking to the mentors around, to colleagues or other businesses that were facing similar situations, was incredibly useful and that makes events really worthwhile.”

How often do you use the IoD as a meeting space?

EC: “We use the IoD quite often as a meeting space, particularly for its central London location. You can always go in the Director’s Lounge or into one of the restaurants and cafes, open up your laptop, plug into the high speed broadband available on the premises and do a presentation anywhere.”

“We found that the IoD is becoming more of a place where you don’t just do business, but you’re socializing as well after meetings.”

FT: “We would use the wine bar around twice a week or if you want something more formal, then the cocktail bar and the restaurant are incredible. The service and the food are impeccable and it’s a great place both to relax and to entertain clients.”

How have the IoD services benefited your business?

EC: “There are numerous IoD services that have benefited our business. One of them is the legal advice service. We have spoken to lawyers and you can’t just call any lawyer up and expect a free service and the IoD provides that. Also, it’s a fantastic place to meet with contacts in central London. I believe that the services provided here and the location are second to none.”

FT: “I was surprised to learn how many free services are available to members. Since I joined the IoD, I have used the meeting facilities, the advisory and the legal services and that’s benefitted our business significantly.”

What would you like to see from the IoD in the future?

FT: “Being a woman and running a business can be challenging at times. But what I found was that being part of an established organization and associating with so many influential business leaders has helped me become more confident and ultimately more successful. I’ve met many amazing women who run their own business at the IoD and I believe that more of them should join.”


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