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What language do you think in?


When you learn a new language you try to memorise phrases, correct your pronunciation and generally try to master the language. This led me to question whether you think in your native language or in the language that you are learning?


I find that whenever I choose to learn a language, I seem to start thinking in that language (subconsciously) and it makes a difference. Being able to think both in your native language and in another language seems to change some of your thoughts.

Now this may sound crazy but, if I’ve been practising a language or reading in a particular language, my thoughts will be in that language and I find myself trying to think like a local.

Thinking in another language doesn’t just increase your understanding of the language, it can also lead to you thinking differently about something and change your perception of certain things for example, how we invest money.

I wonder if this is just me or are there many more people who think like me (not just after a few beers!) Do you find that this happens to you too? Let us know!



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