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Can you Keep your Eyes Peeled?

There are many strange expressions in the English language and in many other languages too. Things like “Keep your eyes peeled” or “They have ants in their pants” which doesn’t sound very pleasant at all!

Where do these expressions come from and do you take them literally or do you interpret them the way that you’re supposed to?

Where do these expressions come from and why are they used?

Speaking languages

I mean if you wanted to say that someone’s in a hurry you would say that they are in a rush rather than, they have “Ants in their pants”, wouldn’t you?

It’s made me think, is English the only language that uses these expressions or do other languages have similar, slightly obscure expressions? I’m referring to British English as these expressions are uniquely British!

I didn’t believe it before but English really is a strange language.

Let us know if you come up with any other expressions, we love hearing from you!


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