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Lingualia’s Blog is our Friday favourite!

What happened to our Friday Favourite last week!? Unfortunately I was unwell and during the week I didn’t have any time to look for interesting blogs so we had to skip it but, today we won’t because I’ve found a pretty awesome blog and have chosen it to be the My-Language Friday Favourite!

The thing that got me hooked with this blog was their latest post. It’s about Monolingualism and how if you don’t speak another language, you miss out but, it gives you a list of ideas that you can try to learn a language (including singing Karaoke).

The blog I’m talking about is the Lingualia blog. This blog writes in such a relaxed style it draws you in. You don’t get bored reading a post and don’t wander off.

Lingualia Blog

With a range of Interesting blogs and the addition of Lingua bot, the blog gives an insight into why learning another language is good for you, how to teach kids another language and the top 5 weirdest places to connect to Lingualia.

This mix of both important and humorous posts makes the blog a great place to read-up on language news and the benefits of learning a language.

If you’re looking for a way to get away with as little work as possible, read the Blog and comment. *

Lingualia’s blog is My-Language’s Friday Favourite!

* My-Language takes no responsibility for loss of employee production after this post.



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