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Are MOOCs the future of education.

Hello from the My-Language team! We hope that you haven’t been too affected by the snow here in the UK, If you visit our Facebook page you can see a picture of the mini-blizzard that we had: Covent Garden’s mini-blizzard!

Today I read something interesting about University and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). These courses are delivered via the internet and can be accessed at home or anywhere in the world.

What I read was talking about how Universities aren’t able to keep up with online learning and how Universities must adapt to these course to ensure students stay motivated to learn, are willing to spend  money to go to University and how extensive the learning process is, compared to University.


MOOCs are used extensively in the UK and are gaining popularity due to the ease of use and cost. In terms of Language learning they can there’s no doubt about that but what about other subject for example Art or Computing? Let us know our thoughts!


One comment on “Are MOOCs the future of education.

  1. Erik
    March 11, 2013

    MOOCs really are the way forward. Investigate more!

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