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Tips for learning a language

Learning a language can be a scary thing. How do you learn the language, what methods do you use, what will help you to learn as quickly as possible?

Fear not! We at My-Language understand it can be hard and we want you to keep going and not give -up until you reach your linguistic nirvana.

Language Learning Speaking

That’s why we’re going to give you a few tips to help you learn a language.

Tip #1: Firstly don’t depend on learning from just one source. Learn from a variety of different sources. For example if you’ve decided that you want to learn a language by ordering a course online, that’ great but, don’t just use the course. The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself into the language by watching TV in that language, listening to music and reading books in that language. This builds up your pronunciation skills and allows you to pick up on mistakes or difficult words, it also enhances your learning experience!

Tip #2: Don’t apologise for your mistakes. You’re just setting out learning a language you’re going to make mistakes like saying a strange phrase or messing-up your pronunciation. It’s expected. Don’t apologise try and find out what the mistake was and practice to try and perfect it, you’ll get it!

Tip #3: Talk, Talk, Talk. If you need practice learning pronunciation or the sound of a language, find someone who talks the language you’re trying to learn. This helps you embed the sounds in your head and it’s always  nice to talk to a friend/relative in their native language.

Speaking languages


These are all the tips for today. Will be posting more during the rest of the week and I want you to let me know some of your tips for language learning! – Your language learning solution!


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