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Learn Italian for Fun – Our Friday Favourite!

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Here at My-Language HQ we like finding amazing resources like blogs to help you learn language and enhance your understanding of a language and often one resource just isn’t enough.

That’s why we will be posting something every Friday about resources such as blogs and other sites we feel will help you learn a language. These could be a mixture of serious and fun-blogs as long as we find them interested (and spend a very large part of the day reading them!)

To consistently practise your new-found language skills you need to refer to blogs or newspapers or any other media that will cement the  understanding of the language in your brain.

This week we delve into the interesting and somewhat complex Italian language. We’ve found a blog called: Learn Italian for fun. The great thing about this blog is that there’s not just a mixture of text and image but the owner Lucrezia, has added in videos where she explains certain things such as Days of the week. Which allow you to hear how the words are supposed to be pronounced.

Hearing how the language is supposed to sound is something that is absolutely vital when learning a new language and it needs to be done regularly if you are to perfect how you sound.

The posts are Informative and extremely enjoyable to read and adding those videos really makes the blog much more engaging. The blog covers all sorts of things from counting in Italian to grammar and doesn’t focus wholly on one or two topics within the Italian language.

Deservedly our top blog of the week! Enjoy!

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