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Easy to learn languages – No excuse not to learn!

Ever struggled with learning a language and thought what language could be the easiest for me to speak? Well, if you’re a native English speaker you may be able to learn a few languages a lot more easily than you might think.

There are problems when you learn a language mainly getting your head around pronunciation.

One language that you would be comfortable with learning is, Afrikaans. Afrikaans is a language that shares many German words that are familiar to English speakers meaning many words and pronunciation is easier.

Another language that is easy to learn is Spanish. Spanish is a language where words are written as pronounced. When reading Spanish text, because the words are written as they’re pronounced you’re able to just read. No trying to sound-out the words in your head. Also 37 percent of employers said that Spanish is a useful language to know!


Similar in  word order is Norwegian. The Norwegian language has the logical system of a tonal “pitch accent” to stress either the first or second syllable in matching words, as in English’s “desert” and “dessert”. 


Like the Spanish language, Italian is a language where words are written as they are meant to be pronounced. This means that the Italian language is highly readable. Also, deriving from Latin, Italian has similar words to English also plus as the language sounds quite musical, it’s extremely fun to speak and practice, which is never a bad thing!


So, here’s just a few languages that are easy to learn to Native English speakers but that doesn’t mean that they’re not challenging! Choose a language that you enjoy and that’s challenging, being easy to learn is just an advantage. – Your Language learning solution.


One comment on “Easy to learn languages – No excuse not to learn!

  1. learnitalianforfun
    January 29, 2013

    That’s right, no excuses! ;D nothing is impossible if you really want it! All the best and thanks for sharing xx

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