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The Week’s best language blogs!


Here’s a weekly round-up of the best language blog of the week;

It wasn’t easy trying to find just one blog that I found the most useful, most interesting and informative and most humorous. I’m planning on doing this sort of post every weeks to give you a list of blogs that you might find useful and which could help you when venturing out to learn a new language.

These blogs have been chosen by me as I feel that they were the most interesting and enjoyble to read although I could’ve easily put in 10 or 12 blogs, I will only be posting one each week.

Let’s get started shall we?

First off is: This blog is described as “offering you unique foreign language learning tips, travel advice, anecdotes, encouragement and providing another handy place for language learners to connect.” This blog is informative and also brings you on the journey of the writer who’s currently learning Korean. It’s that insight that makes you want to read more and more.

Check out the blog, read and share it, (when your boss isn’t around as you might spend the whole day on the site!) – Your language learning solution.


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